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Events allows you to optimize your resources, regardless of the number of events or participants

Manage future events. Monitor on-going events. Analyze past events.

Ticket Management

Tickets for each event are automatically generated with all the necessary information and sent to the participants.

Optimized Check-in

On the day of the event, Events becomes your check-in application. Just have a device with a browser and a camera, and you're ready to start your event.

Simplified Billing

Through integration with multiple sales software, your sales are saved in your software of choice. This integration allows complete automation of the process of issuing and sending invoices.


The certificates are made available at the end of each event, stored in a public database, under the laws in force.

All your events in one place.

Monitor the status of the event in real-time, anywhere. Events allows a simplified and rigorous management of on-going events.

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Available Integrations

E-mail&SMS Marketing / Webinars / Video E-Learning / Invoicing

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