Robotic or Laparoscopic Simple Prostatectomy With Prostatic Urethra Preservation

In recent years, the principles of open simple prostatectomy have been successfully transferred to laparoscopic and robot-assisted approaches, with the advantage of allowing faster recovery and reduced blood loss. Despite these advantages, most patients require continuous bladder irrigation in the postoperative period and will have ejaculatory dysfunction as a result of the removal of the prostatic urethra. The robot-assisted or laparoscopic simple prostatectomy with prostatic urethra preservation is the solution to overcome and solve these complications related to traditional surgical techniques and even transurethral endoscopic enucleations. The purpose of this webinar is to teach the different steps of simple prostatectomy with preservation of the urethra with the visualization of two semi live surgeries performed by very experienced surgeons. In addition, webinar attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the cases, learn the best indications, tricks and tips for the best success in applying the surgical technique. Objectives: Describe the current role and possible indications of simple prostatectomy with prostatic urethra preservation Elucidate how to select the best patients for preservation of the prostatic urethra Explain the advantages of prostatic adenomectomy with prostatic urethra preservation Explain the surgical technique step by step Provide tips and tricks to improve the efficacy of the surgery Moderators: Estevão Lima Pedro Bargão Riccardo Autorino Speakers: Francesco Porpiglia Frederico Teves José Soares

CUF Academic Center

Evento grátis

8 - 8 october 2020