Choosing moments

Decisions are all moments when a choice has to be made according to a criterion, whether is the patient's condition, signs and symptoms or clinical results.

Decision moments can have one or more options.

The maximum number of paths that can be followed is defined by the number inside the diamond shape. For example, if this number is “1” then only one of the paths can be choosed.

If the number is joined by a “+” it means that one or more paths can be taken.

In these moments of decision, a criterion can sometimes be applied, usually in the form of a question in which the answer to that criterion defines the path to be followed.

If there is no criterion, then the path is defined by itself.

How to put into practice

Let's consider the HFpEF algorithm

If the patient has K +> 5.5 , still symptomatic and with LVEF <35%, an MRA must be prescribed. If the patient is not symptomatic and has LVEF <35%, then he is under control.

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Find out how to guide a session.