Guide a session

Gather a team

The first step for success is having the right team. But do not worry, you will need only two people to start this journey. It is important to have the help of a colleague and to ask each other questions about each action, decision or chain of elements.

Choose your tools

To start representing an algorithm, you need to have the right tools. So here are our suggestions:

Whiteboard or a blank paper



Choose a white surface, like a paper or a board. Represent the actions with post-its and make the connections and the ends by using a marker. It will be easier and faster to move the actions whenever it is necessary to adjust the algorithm.

Regulate the time

There is no time limit to execute an algorithm. However, you must control the time of the process from the beginning to the end. This will allow you, along with your team, to be able to identify points that consume more time and need improvements.

Register the final result

Now it's time to save your final product. Take pictures of the algorithm you built - it is important that information is not lost, so take all pictures the necessary. Then send these photos and we'll do the rest. Let's do it?

Would you like to represent an algorithm along with our team?

Come and help us on this project.