Hospitals and Primary Care

The Platform for Healthcare Continuous Quality Improvement

Grant consistent patient results with a platform that supports healthcare workforce development and clinical pathway optimization.

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Clinical Pathways

Dynamic Clinical Pathways, the Foundation of Value-based Healthcare.

Pathway Discovery

Pathway Testing and Optimization

Decision System

Pathway Training

Identify current practices and generate consensus

Baseline analysis is the critical first step to implement clinical pathways. With UpHill, simulation analysis can deliver a deep knowledge of the current practices of healthcare professionals in any health unit. No EHR integration required.


Virtual clinical training and compliance analysis


Quality assurance and behaviour analysis

UpHill Medical Notation

A new language, created by physicians for clinical pathways.

We know that each algorithm is unique. But why does their representation have to be different? Inconsistencies raise subjectivity, hinder faster reading and compromise the adoption of clinical pathways. That’s why we developed a uniform system to represent clinical pathways interchangeable with BPMN 2.0 and built on health standards.

People Continuous Training

Ensure Workforce Continuous Improvement with Engaging and Impactful Training..

Flexible Advanced Simulations

Automated Personalized Feedback


Pathways and Training

Logistics Automation

Deliver fast and high-fidelity simulations tailored to your needs

UpHill replicates and mimics patient cases with complex approaches, making clinical training professional even for more experienced physicians. The simulation can be adapted to different learning goals: from several appointments to ER and hospitalization situations. Healthcare professionals now have a system to emulate their practice with realism in short periods of time (from 15 to 40 minutes).


Virtual clinical training and compliance analysis

Standard Operating Procedures

Evidence-Based Medicine

Surpass the challenges of uniform care after M&A

Growth through M&A can pose risks to the reputation of healthcare groups, especially when no plan to disseminate internal pathways is in place. With UpHill you can easily deliver digital simulation training on pathways and distribute pathway decision systems to help day-to-day adoption of best practices.

Simple For Your Collaborators

A fully-fledged suite for you. One App for your collaborators.

One Stop Shop


External Interface

Unify pathways, training and more for workforce engagement

Everything your workforce needs to keep improving quality is in one place. From clinical pathways, to simulations and training events, UpHill will be the go-to-place for your collaborators.


Training events management and certification

UpHill Health

Unified knowledge portal for healthcare professionals

Our Plan For High-Performance Organizations

The UpHill Suite