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Behind every great product, there’s an amazing team of curious and creative people, who believe in the power of digital solutions to empower healthcare teams.

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Our product philosophy

Teamwork is all about honesty


Share your best and worst

Everyone's opinion matters, and every day we inspire our team to share their thoughts, uncertainties and difficulties.


Become an artisan

Expand your horizons and try new things. Learn from your team and become an expert in what you do better.


Be thrilled by change

Designing, building and delivering innovation is a rollercoaster. Embrace iteration. Do not settle. Challenge yourself to change every day.


Cut to the chase

We focus on what matters: our products. Delivering fast high-quality solutions is our way to work. Nothing can slow us down.


Join forces with your allies

We were built on the power of collaboration. Working with our users, listen to their specific problems and expectations, is the key to develop amazing products.

Our team

Great products mean amazing teams

Eduardo Freire Rodrigues

Chief Executive Officer

Eduardo co-founded UpHill and leads the team as CEO. He studied Medicine at NOVA Medical School and Université Paris Sud and post-graduated in Clinical Research from Harvard Medical School. Early on, he learned how to code at the age of 14 and became passionate about it since then. Alongside his role as CEO, Eduardo is also a guest lecturer on digital health.

Duarte Sequeira

Chief Operating Officer

MD, digital health and medical education researcher. It's an expert in medical informatics and develops its research activity in designing and development of clinical training software, being Invited Assistant for Leadership and Management in Healthcare. Also integrated several medical course accreditation panels.

Luís Patrão


Passionate about improving patient safety by making healthcare institutions safer and better working places. Having specialized in Internal Medicine is now doing his training in Intensive Care. Focused on connecting UpHill with academics and researchers.

David Honório

Head of Engineering

Frontend developer and MSc in engineering systems and computer engineering. CrossFit enthusiast. Continuously strives to learn the latest frameworks, although he believes that technology is only useful as long as it serves the user's purpose. Interested in developing products that can improve people’s lives.

Sebastião Barros

Head of Product

Biomedical Engineer passionate about technology and innovation. Organised, methodic and persistent, thrilled to be disruptive in the healthcare world. Drived by business success and the accomplishment of strategy goals. Sports addicted, federated in Padel since 2016.

Miguel Duque

Backend Developer

Backend engineer with a Master's degree in Computer Science. Motivated to make an impact that matters, Miguel joined Uphill after an international career as a developer in a Belgium unicorn startup and as a consultant in Portugal and Angola.

Francisco Costa

Backend Developer

Solving problems with the smartest and efficient solution is what drives Francisco. Always looking to learn new technologies. After work, when not developing personal projects, he deploys his inner Bolt, when running and playing football. Francisco is also a gaming enthusiast.

Ana Marta Pires

Lead Product Designer

Digital Product Designer with a passion for designing functional and delightful experiences. Sets high standards and even the little details get attention. Believes that the user is always the central focus and until she knows exactly what’s the best solution no one can stop her.

António Lobo Antunes

Customer Success Manager

Master’s degree in Chemical and Bioindustry at Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2016, believes that a customer-oriented strategy is a key success in any business. Started a career in the customer service world and assures that the voice of the customer is heard and has its place in business.

Catarina Calheiros

Project Manager

Project manager, master in business administration with a passion for growth hacking. Worked as an auditor and advisor, recently has devoted to the technology & innovation sector. Enthusiastic to learn and to improve continuously, looking forward to create a positive social impact.

Mariana Bandeira

Business Developer

MSc in International Management by Nova School of Business and Economics, an everlasting learner that seeks impact through daily work. Passionate about nature and hiking. Music and musical theater have been part of her life since she can remember.

David Rodrigues

Lead Medical Advisor

MD at CUF medical group. Lecturer Assistant and Ph.D student at Nova Medical School. MSc in Clinical Research by Nova Medical School and Regulation Affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices by Northeastern University. Post-graduate in Clinical Scholars Research Program - Harvard Medical School; His main research interests are medical education and decision making. Family and music lover believes that proud and joy leads to innovation.

Catarina Reis

Head of Scientific Quality

Medical Degree from NOVA Medical School / Université Pierre et Marie Curie, she soon set her heart in Obstetrics and Gynecology - residency that she attends at Maternidade Dr. Alfredo da Costa. Post-graduate in Clinical Research by Harvard Medical School and Ph.D student at NOVA Medical School, she is an irrevocable enthusiast about evidence-based medicine, which is why the challenge to be Head of Scientific Quality at UpHill was irresistible.

Our offices

Where you can find us


Tec Labs — Centro de Inovação Campus da FCUL, Campo Grande, 1749-016 Lisboa


UBIMedical, Estrada Municipal 506, 6200-284 Covilhã

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