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Our product philosophy

Teamwork is all about honesty


Share your best and worst

Everyone's opinion matters, and every day we inspire our team to share their thoughts, uncertainties and difficulties.


Become an artisan

Expand your horizons and try new things. Learn from your team and become an expert in what you do better.


Be thrilled by change

Designing, building and delivering innovation is a rollercoaster. Embrace iteration. Do not settle. Challenge yourself to change every day.


Cut to the chase

We focus on what matters: our products. Delivering fast high-quality solutions is our way to work. Nothing can slow us down.


Join forces with your allies

We were built on the power of collaboration. Working with our users, listen to their specific problems and expectations, is the key to develop amazing products.

Our team

Great products mean amazing teams

Eduardo Freire Rodrigues

Chief Executive Officer

Eduardo co-founded UpHill and leads the team as CEO. He studied Medicine at NOVA Medical School and Université Paris Sud and post-graduated in Clinical Research from Harvard Medical School. Early on, he learned how to code at the age of 14 and became passionate about it since then. Alongside his role as CEO, Eduardo is also a guest lecturer on digital health.

Duarte Sequeira

Chief Operating Officer

MD, digital health and medical education researcher. It's an expert in medical informatics and develops its research activity in designing and development of clinical training software, being Invited Assistant for Leadership and Management in Healthcare. Also integrated several medical course accreditation panels.

Luís Patrão

Head of Partnerships

Passionate about improving patient safety by making healthcare institutions safer and better working places. Having specialized in Internal Medicine is now doing his training in Intensive Care. Focused on connecting UpHill with academics and researchers.

Miguel Duque

Head of Engineering

Backend engineer with a Master's degree in Computer Science. Motivated to make an impact that matters, Miguel joined Uphill after an international career as a developer in a Belgium unicorn startup and as a consultant in Portugal and Angola.

Sebastião Barros

Head of Product

Biomedical Engineer passionate about technology and innovation. Organised, methodic and persistent, thrilled to be disruptive in the healthcare world. Drived by business success and the accomplishment of strategy goals. Sports addicted, federated in Padel since 2016.

David Rodrigues

VP Medical Content

MD at CUF medical group. Lecturer Assistant and Ph.D student at Nova Medical School. MSc in Clinical Research by Nova Medical School and Regulation Affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices by Northeastern University. Post-graduate in Clinical Scholars Research Program - Harvard Medical School; His main research interests are medical education and decision making. Family and music lover believes that proud and joy leads to innovation.

Daniel Martins

Backend Developer

Daniel is a Backend Software Developer at UpHill. He studied Computer and Telematics Engineering in Aveiro University and has since worked between Canada and Portugal. He is passionate about big projects, team work, super-heroes and videogames.

Francisco Costa

Backend Developer

Solving problems with the smartest and efficient solution is what drives Francisco. Always looking to learn new technologies. After work, when not developing personal projects, he deploys his inner Bolt, when running and playing football. Francisco is also a gaming enthusiast.

João Gomes

Frontend Developer

Software developer with focus on the development of frontend for web and mobile apps. Always trying new technologies and likes working on his personal projects. Loves doing all types of sports and travelling around the world.

Miguel Figueirinha

Quality Assurance

Miguel's a QA Tester with scientific background in meteorology, oceanography and geophysics that believes anyone can reinvent themselves at any point in life. Being always ready for a challenge and with willingess to acquire new knowledge, he's passionate about innovative solutions that provide a lasting impact on today's world. He believes that dogs and music are mood boosters.

Ricardo Trindade

Frontend Developer

Inspired by design since his youth, he started by creating logos and posters and become a developer passionate about frontend programming and technology, who likes to go into detail and think of the best for the product and the team. Being creative and innovative is a way of life.

Vasco Martins

Junior FullStack Developer

Graduated in computer science at Nova School of Science and Technology. Loves a good challenge and keeping up with the latest news. Interested in history and how technology will shape the future. Always eager to learn something new and improve himself.

Ana Marta Pires

Lead Product Designer

Digital Product Designer with a passion for designing functional and delightful experiences. Sets high standards and even the little details get attention. Believes that the user is always the central focus and until she knows exactly what’s the best solution no one can stop her.

André Cebola

Product Designer

What draws me to product design is its major role in finding creative and practical solutions to solve the users’ problems and revealing new opportunities for them. I started to work as a designer because I believe that equitable access to information and technology has the power to create a more just and inclusive world.

Filipa Teófilo

Product Analyst

MSc in Biomedical Engineering by NOVA School of Science and Technology, believes the greatest impact in healthcare can only be achieved by making the most of technology. Eager to learn, is currently a post-graduate student in a Digital Health program.

António Lobo Antunes

Customer Success Manager

Master’s degree in Chemical and Bioindustry at Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2016, believes that a customer-oriented strategy is a key success in any business. Started a career in the customer service world and assures that the voice of the customer is heard and has its place in business.

Mariana Bandeira

Account Executive

MSc in International Management by Nova School of Business and Economics, an everlasting learner that seeks impact through daily work. Passionate about nature and hiking. Music and musical theater have been part of her life since she can remember.

Matilde Ferreira

Social, Media and Content Manager

Graduated in Communication Sciences, early on fell in love with storytelling. Started off as a journalist and then pivoted to the public relations world, she was always driven to craft relevant stories and bring them to the stage.

Catarina Calheiros

Head of Crowd and Content Projects

Project manager, master in business administration with a passion for growth hacking. Worked as an auditor and advisor, recently has devoted to the technology & innovation sector. Enthusiastic to learn and to improve continuously, looking forward to create a positive social impact.

João Jesus

Financial Manager

MSc in Finance by ISCTE Business School with a proactive attitude and a business-focused mindset. Worked in assurance and risk advisory in the banking sector and has recently changed to Healthcare Tech. Supporter of a data-driven approach and passionate about financial data analysis and the benefits it can generate for a business.

Patrícia Lindeza

Project Manager

MSc in Biomedical Sciences and PhDc in Environmental Health at Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa. Is driven by the challenge and the opportunity to develop new ideas with a positive impact on prevention and health promotion. Passionate about smart innovations for better care and its impact on patients' quality of life. She is an innovative thinker who loves animals, nature and music.

Maria Oliveira

Account Manager

MSc in International Health Management by Imperial College Business School with more than 10 years in the Nursing field. Intrigued by the potential of digital health and its impact on patients, healthcare professionals and organizations. Passionate about cooking, worldwide cuisine, and a foodie by heart!

André Alexandre

Lead Medical Advisor

Medical Doctor graduated from NOVA Medical School and Internal Medicine specialist dedicated to Intensive Care Medicine at Hospital da Luz Lisboa. Post-graduation in Clinical Research by Harvard Medical School and PhD student at NOVA Medical School, is passionate about clinical practice, research and education. Being an advocate for the adoption of evidence-based medicine and engaged in learning and teaching through every step of medical career, it was with enthusiasm that he accepted the challenge to be Lead Medical Advisor at UpHill with special dedication to Clinical Simulation and Research.

Francisca Andrade

Junior Pathway Specialist

Biomedical Engineer driven by the will to ally medical wisdom to engineering knowledge, creating innovative solutions for worldwide health problems. Creative and organized due to music studies and musical theatre. Resilient, persistent and competitive on account of the sports practiced since child (volleyball, swimming, badminton, corfball). Believes that nothing is done without hard work, sweat and tears, and tons of goodwill.

Andreia Gi

Medical Advisor - Notation & Crowd

MD and PharmD by University of Coimbra. Always looking for new challenges, worked 2 years as Editor-in-Chief of AMP-Student, participated in several internships and volunteered in Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro (des.LIGA project), while studying. She believes anything is possible with hard work, willpower and dedication.

Beatriz Martins

Pathway Specialist

Biomedical Engineer with a postgraduate degree in strategy, innovation and foresight, always looking how new technologies can help solve today's problems. Highly passionate about nature and love to travel.

Clara Jasmins

Lead Medical Advisor

Clara is a family medicine resident with a special interest in evidence-based medicine and shared-decision making. Post-graduate student in Health Literacy at Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, she believes that is possible to change the world one step at a time. So, let’s start with the empowerment of clinicians and patients about the best healthcare available.

Ana Henriques

Executive Assistant in Administration

I'm Ana, born in Castelo Branco, Beira Baixa, in May82. Moved to Lisbon to study International Relations, i.e. Foreign Affairs in 2000. Live there with my partner and we have two little daughters: Eva (6y) and Sofia (2y). Hobbies are: listening to music, cinema, take long walks, Pilates, playing with my 2 kids, and chilling out by the sea.

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